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The different forms of childcare are described below and the list of local providers is also below:

Approved Childcarers

  • Offers childcare in the child's own home
  • Can be a particular benefit for parents who work unconventional hours, and for children with additional needs
  • Parents may benefit from tax credits

Before and After School Care and Holiday Care

These arrangements can change, so contact your local school.
Meath Green Infants provides after school care and also Summer and half term playschemes
Horley Infants


  • Are self employed and provide care for between one and six children under 8 years old, in the childminder's own home
  • May care for additional children aged between 8 and 15 years old
  • May drop and pick up children from school or playgroup, and can provide flexible opening times for overnight and weekend care
  • Accredited childminders can offer Nursery Education Funded places
  • Look for a local childminder - go to
  • If you are interested in becoming a childminder call Family information Service (FIS) on 0300 200 104 or go to
  • If you have a disabled child contact Family information Service (FIS) on 0300 200 104 or go to


  • Provide short term on site care, often based in shopping centres, sport or learning facilities
  • Children are cared for while parents attend specific training, sport or leisure facilities
  • Most provide care for children aged 0-5 years

Day Nurseries

  • Are private providers offering care for children from 0-5 years
  • Children are cared for in age groups, and take part in a wide range of group activities
  • Have fixed opening times, and most are open all year round, excluding weekends
  • Accredited nurseries are eligible for Nursery Education Funding

Help with Childcare Costs

  • There are now a few different funds which can help parents or carers to pay childcare fees.
  • The New Govement Website Childcare Choices has all the information you need in one place about Tax free Childcare.
  • The money matters section has all the links for government schemes such as tax credits and childcare vouchers.

Maintained Nursery Settings

  • Are based on school sites
  • Offer teacher supported learning though play, based around the Foundation Stage (Birth to 3) Curriculum, for 3 and 4 year olds prior to their entry to school
  • Open during term time only
  • 'Wrap-around' care is provided at some  schools- so children may be able to have a meal and a full day rather than a half day. There is a fee required for this care which 'wraps-around' the sessional care.

Pre-Schools (Playgroups)

  • Provide sessional and wrap-around care, and learning through play for pre-school children
  • Offer an introduction to group play away from Parents or Carers
  • Offer Nursery Education Funded places

Local Pre Schools, Nursery and Day Care

Click here for a list of local providers in the Horley area.