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Links to useful resources for healthy activities, eating and lifestyle for you and your family.


The British Heart Foundation

Two leaflets from the BHF about how important it is for your babies and young children to be physically active:

"Being physically active is important for young children because it helps them build and maintain a good level of health. It helps them develop movement skills, a strong heart, muscles and bones, keep to a healthy weight, social skills and much more."


Dabble with Your Dinner

Dabble with your Dinner is a new idea to help families eat more vegetables. Research by the designers of Dabble with your Dinner shows that most families cook and eat from the same set of meals over and over again. Any change to this regime needs to be incredibly easy and practical, so dabble with your dinner focuses on six of Britain’s most popular family meals and simply provides one-step tweaks to add more veg. Head to the website where they have an app you can use and also downloadable pdfs showing the different ideas for each season. Or simply come into the Centre and pick up a copy here.


The Great Grub Club

This is a website full of resources for parents and children to use to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. Lots of activities to do, tips on healthy packed lunches, growing your own vegetables and much much more. It's in connection with the World Cancer Research Fund, who run an annual fund raising day called Fruity Friday every year with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyle choices, including healthy eating, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight, that can help prevent about a third of the most common cancers. Click on the link below and find something fun to do today!